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Feb 9, 2017, 10:44 AM | Article By: Carl Werner IPA News Foreign editor

“The Republic of The Gambia is losing a lot of money, because of its instability and administrative chaos,” said retired professor Carlos Medina, President for CMR Consultancy Ltd of Sweden, Ireland, U.K. and Spain in an exclusive interview with IPA News.

Mr Medina, a Spaniard-Swedish former member of the Swedish Parliament and appointed Public Auditor by the Southern Counties of Sweden, is an international business consultant for several European multinationals of construction, energy, fishery and agro-industrial projects.

IPA News: “Is Gambia losing money?”

Prof. Medina: Yes, I am sure and I can prove it.  The military government of Mr Jammeh was not interested in developing The Gambia at all. My association and I were in Banjul in 2008 looking for some feature to develop in industrial projects. We found great potential in agro products to industrialize and develop for export to Europe, and even other strong potentials in form, for example, kinetic forces to feed big electric plants to attract foreign industrial investors.

IPA News: But, you mentioned “losing” money.

Prof. Medina: Yes, they are losing money when no Gambian Government has appointed a Director of Foreign Aid to gather financial help, for example from Euro Aid, Danish Danida, Swedish SIDA, U.K. Aid, etc. They have neither sent representative to even important international conferences attended for many other African countries, as Senegal, Congo, Namibia, etc. Of course, all other African countries are happy that The Gambia does not present their own projects and never appoint a specialized ambassador.

IPA News: Should a specialized ambassador create conditions to get international aid for development projects in The Gambia?

Prof. Medina: No by himself, but with our assistance he/she should be able. All aid institutions demand a lot of knowledge, expertise and professional capacity. You must be trusted, well known before you introduce projects. It takes years.

IPA News: That is! It is question of introducing development projects, and money gets to The Gambia.

Prof. Medina: No, no! You must first study different natural resources in order to define. With the new Government, what is to prioritize. It could be possible that the urgent matters for The Gambia, is just now health prevention, or housing building.

Ipa News: Could prof. Medina help, if is question of improving health services, as example?

Prof. Medina: Of course, I am graduate in Public administration of Health in Sweden, and I know what to do, how to negotiate such a project to Aid institutions and how to get that very controlled  money in benefits of Gambians.

Ipa News: Let us joke a little, should prof. Medina accept to be The Gambia ambassador for International Aid?

Prof. Medina: (Laughing) Of course I should do it! But let us be realistic, I have not yet deserved the Gambian nationality, so, I should be very happy to serve the democratic government of His Excellence Mr Adama Barrow in this matters.