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The back way syndrome

Apr 29, 2015, 9:46 AM | Article By: Modou Lamin Jallow

It is rather unfortunate that some of our youths have the concept that they could only create wealth for themselves by travelling to Europe as the only solution.

This concept has caused youths that could not have access to European visas to turn their mind to the “back way”, which some believe is the last option to take.

The reason some of these youths want to travel by all means is that there are no employment opportunities in their various countries, and also the economic hardship that they are faced with, which is a very difficult situation for them.

This is so, bearing in mind that some of them are from extended families and from very poor backgrounds.

As long as Africa governments do not create opportunities for the younger generation, this syndrome would surely continue.

The situation in Africahas to changefirstsothat theyouthswouldstart changingtheir minds about this mindset,which theycall the “back way”.

They believe that by travellingto Europe they could makeendsmeet andplan for theirfuture, consideringthattheywould never havewhattheywantbyliving in Africa,which is facedwithso many challenges like poverty, extended families, wars and so manyproblems thattheyhave to confront.

We are asking these youths to try and find other alternatives to survive, rather than putting their lives at risk.