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Telling it as we see it

Oct 16, 2008, 5:49 AM

There is no doubt that investing in a developing country should be seen as a way of investing in local people and the development of their expertise but in a situation where industries lack competition, consumers would not enjoy any good products and services from the service providers.

Here in The Gambia, the consistent growth in the mobile telecommunications industry within the past three years brought with it intense competition. As a result, mobile GSM companies have to devise workable strategies backed by customer-focused policies that translate into flexible innovative products and services to ensure the attainment of customer loyalty.

In a situation where one business predominates, the consumers will always suffer at the hand of the sole business concern.

To be precise, our discussion concerns the immense and laudable contributions that Africell has over the years made towards the development of Gambian sports. Africell despite being a privately owned company has been in the forefront of not only the development of sports but also other sectors of relevant importance to national development. The company should thus be portrayed in this light as a corporate citizen.

In what has been viewed as an aggressive marketing strategy, Africell provides good services to their customers in various forms. Some of them include giving out brand new cars, a dream house and the much-talked about D10m promotion currently going on.

However, it is noteworthy that Gamcel has been embarking on their own campaign latest among which is the giving out of hajj tickets, brand new cars and scholarship packages to students.

Like its competitors, the new comers, Comium is also not resting on its oars. The Company has also embarked on its own campaign strategy by introducing series of services to its customers.

Actually, both strategies have elicited animated and enthusiastic responses from clientele. We therefore acclaim all the three companies.

But when it comes to the promotion of sports in this country Africell stands out. We note with gratitude Africell's immense contribution to the Gambia-Senegal match for their recent contribution towards the Gambia-Senegal match in which The Gambia taught Senegal how to play football. Africell provided six big buses to take fans to Senegal, besides feeding, accommodation, gate fees and other miscellaneous expenses. 

We urge Africell to keep up the good work, just as we call on the other operators to continue with the good work they are doing for the country and its citizens.