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Pa Kebba Gaye to launch first album

Jun 18, 2010, 2:20 PM

Pa Kebba Gaye alias Sissasy is on the preparations to formally launch his first album entitled "Artificial". The album which is the outcome of two years of toiling was already released, and at the moment it can be obtained only from him.

In a brief chat with Entertainment recently, Pa Kebba Gaye outlined that the album touches on a complex combination of issues such as War in Israel and climate change. "I recorded over 40 tracks", Pa Kebba Gaye explained, adding that he has been promoting his music since 2006 on radio stations. The young upcoming Gambian artist, who went to the UK in 2000, studied music as his career. He added that his future plan is to work with international artists, and to also attend international music festivals. Pa Kebba Gaye finally thanked his fans for supporting his music.