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Teachers, journalists undergo designing effective presentation training

Feb 12, 2014, 9:57 AM | Article By: Adama K Jallow

More than 13 teachers and journalists yesterday underwent designing effective presentations training for English teachers and journalists held at the American Corner at Comium Building on Kairaba Avenue.

The topics presented relate to understanding the structure of a presentation, making an impact with an introduction, signals, links, listing and sequencing, as well as the differences between conclusions and summaries.

Organised by the US Embassy public affairs section and sponsored by Comium, the training brought together 15 journalists and teachers.

The lecture was conducted by John Silver, the Regional English Language officer at the US Embassy in Dakar, Senegal.

During the presentation session, significant issues discussed included oneself introductory, structure, duration and policy on questions, among others.

The session also included the strategy used by presenters to enable them reach their objectives, the techniques, sequencing of information, the duration of the delivery, as well as getting the interest of the audience.

Speaking to The Point at the end of the session, the Regional English Language (REL) officer, John Silver, said the objective was to lecture them on how to be better English presenters, which sequenced from the beginning, middle and the end, as well as its linkages and simplicity, for better understanding.

He further described the presentation as productive going by the responses he received from the participants, adding that having a clear structure to a presentation could help audience to better understanding.

It also gives the presenter more confidence and proper direction on the presentations, he said, while commending the participants for their commitment and contribution during the “brilliant participatory session”.