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Tax authorities challenged to judiciously utilize tax payers’ money

Nov 15, 2019, 1:06 PM

Alkalo of Latriya village in Kombo North District has challenged the country’s tax Authorities and the Area Councils to ensure the proper utilization of the taxpayers’ monies.

 Burama Darboe also called on the people to always pay their taxes to enable them to benefit from meaningful services in their respective communities.

He said because The Gambia has a tax-based economy, people cannot just ignore their tax obligations. “We need better services, such as water, electricity and education. Therefore, we must pay our taxes in order to benefit from these services from government.”

Mr Darboe indicated that without tax, it would be difficult for government to initiate meaningful development. “Therefore, let us honor our tax obligation which is very important in our development aspirations.”

He urged people to change their mindsets toward paying their taxes, reminding that people need to know that the tax collected is plough back to the community in the form of projects and programs. “Even Alkalolus must honour their tax obligation and I see no reason why others who are entitled to pay cannot or refuse to pay.

Mr Darboe said people need to know that it is the tax that people pay that is use to develop the country, saying it is through taxes that more development is brought to the doorstep of the taxpayers.

He thus advised tax Authorities to intensify their tax education outreach so as to ensure more voluntary tax compliance.