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Tackling drug trafficking

Aug 22, 2013, 10:08 AM

Addressing the growing problem of illicit drug trafficking has become a necessity today more than ever before.

It reminds us all about the need to put in place plans to examine ways and means to crack down on drug trafficking.

Reports have shown that our sub-region has become an increasingly important venue for international drug trafficking.

This, therefore, calls for concerted efforts and collaboration between our member states and security apparatus, in particular, to work together in responding to the challenge.

The reports further stated that evidence of drug production has been discovered, and drug abuse is on the increase.

In The Gambia, despite efforts by the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDEA) to crack down on drug traffickers, the business still continues to exist.

Despite the stiff counter-narcotics laws in place in this country, it seems some people are still engaging in drug trafficking.

In fact, just recently, we understood that some people were arrested with drugs in the country.

Therefore, in order to make this country truly drug-free, all hands must be on deck, and the communities must continue to help the security services in their work in the fight against illicit drugs.

Drug trafficking has far-reaching effects on any society, from the impact of drug abuse on young people and of drug money, to the presence of gangs and gang-related violence in poor neighbourhoods.

We are calling again for more collaboration between community members and the security forces in their efforts to make The Gambia a drug-free society.