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Sir Dawda’s son testifies in court

Aug 19, 2011, 12:26 PM | Article By: Dawda Faye

Ebrima Jawara, son of former president Sir Dawda Jawara,Wednesday testified before Magistrate Tabally of the Kanifing Magistrates’ Court against Lamin Drammeh, Lamin Tamba and Bakary Njie, caddis at the Fajara Golf Club, who were charged with prohibition of conduct conducive to breaches of the peace.

In his testimony, the witness told the court that he lives at Kotu and he is the Director of Administration at the Ministry of Agriculture in Banjul.

He said he is also the president of the Gambia Golf Association.

He adduced that he recognized the accused persons, adding that there was a meeting between the Gambia Golf Association and members of the Fajara Golf Committee.

He testified further that Lamin Drammeh was present at the meeting which was to discuss the Baby Mariama Jammeh Tournament.

He added that the Gambia Golf Association, which is the national governing body, had been asked by the President of the Republic to organize a golf tournament to coincide with the Independence Day celebration.

President Yahya Jammeh had donated $40,000 towards the cost of the tournament, Jawara told the court, adding that they invited Lamin Drammeh to outline what the caddis would be entitled to.

He adduced further that as caddis and amateurs, they could not receive cash because this is a fundamental rule of golf.

He indicated that Lamin Drammeh told him that he would get back to see the other caddis, adding that Lamin Drammeh mentioned that the caddis preferred cash.

He testified that they made it clear that as a non government body, the Gambia Golf Association could not be seen violating the golf rules, adding that Lamin Drammeh never came back.

He further told the court that on 11 February 2011, Bakary Njie, the caddis’ master, sent a text message to say that caddis must be paid cash.

He said he then called Bakary Njie, who stated that without cash they would not play.

He adduced that there was another text message from Bakary Baldeh that caddis had threatened to boycott the tournament.

On 12 February 2011, Jawara continued, he played golf with his mother, Lady Njaimeh Jawara, but Caddy Lamin Drammeh refused to caddy him and that the other caddis too refused to caddy.

He said because of that his mother was angry, and asked that her prayer mats should be given back to her.

He testified further that around 6 pm, he heard the commotion outside, and went to see what was happening.

He added that he found Lamin Drammeh and other caddis surrounding his mother, adding that Lamin Drammeh was shouting, and he pulled him away.

He further told the court that the other caddis joined the row, and because they were twenty in number, he asked his mother’s driver to drive him to the National Guard.

He said that the following Sunday was supposed to be the caddis competition, but the caddis decided not to come and he had to call off the competition, adding that he met Bakary Njie and Lamin Drammeh, and asked Lamin Drammeh to leave the golf course.

He stated further that it was the first day of the main tournament, adding that Lamin Drammeh refused to leave and the other caddis also refused to leave, and threatened to disrupt the tournament if Lamin Drammeh was leaving.

He testified that the caddis did boycott the tournament, adding that they had to cancel it.

The case was at that juncture adjourned till 25 August 2011.