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Significance of Independence Day

Feb 19, 2014, 9:27 AM

February 18th of each year marks an important day in the calendar of The Gambia. It is a day set aside in remembering a day when the country gained its independence from our colonial masters, thus paving the way for self governance.

Precisely, yesterday 18th February 2014 was yet another opportunity for Gambians to take stock of the trials and tribulations that our men of courage fought hard in cutting that bondage of white colonial rule.

It is a day when we should look both inwardly and outwardly to examine how far, as a nation, we have moved towards developing our country, both infrastructure and socio-economic wise.

On this day, we must but remember Sir Farimang Singhateh, I.M Garba Jahumpa, P.S Njie, Sir Dawda Jawara and a host of others who have fought for this small, but beautiful country of ours.

We owe these great men and women a deserving pat on the back, and for some of them who must have departed this world, we pray for the good Lord to grant them an eternal resting place. For those that are still alive, we pray that God gives them long life as we continue looking forward to their guidance.

As we celebrate this day, let us see each other as brothers and sisters of the same nation. As human beings, we are bound to offend each other; as the saying goes - to err is human.

Let us as the same people forgive and forget for what might have happened in the past, and forge ahead.

It is only through dialogue, tolerance and respect for one another that this country will continue to live in peace, progress and prosperity.

Happy independence anniversary!

“For The Gambia our homeland, we strive and work and pray that all may live in unity freedom and peace each day”

Gambia National Anthem