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Serrekunda East hosts 1st Futbol Net tournament

Jul 23, 2013, 9:09 AM

Serrekunda East will host the First Futbol Net tournament for countries in West Africa.

The tournament, which will be played every week from Tuesday to Thursday at 9am, will feature 27 schools.

Futbol Net, according to Alfousainey Jarjue, director of Olympafrica Centre, is new in Africa, and The Gambia is the first country in West Africa that is given the opportunity to host the first edition of Futbol Net.

The idea is to teach the children to be honest in the society more so when playing football, he said.

The game is a combination of boys and girls playing in the same team at the same time.

In Futbol there is no referee, no coach, but a teamer; these are people to guide the game before during and after.

In Futbol Net there are phases, namely Dialogue, Play and Feedback.

Dialogue: In Dialogue there is a debate before the game. The participants try to reach an agreement on the rules of the game and the behaviour. They must reach agreements with each other through dialogue and negotiations.

Play: This to play the football game.

Feedback: This is the reflection after the match (Feedback). The participants should assess the realization of rules and reach agreements before the match and then set the result.

Dialogue, then, becomes an important part of the game. Some of the conditions required by the methodology, among others, are fair play and the promotion of the role of women in sport.

There are also six values to the game, namely Commitment, Respect, Tolerance, Teamwork, Responsibility and Effort.

Before the match both teams have to sit and dialogue and agree on the rules of that particular match and whatever they agree on the teamer will write it down on the score sheet, from there they will play and after the match, they will come again as a group to evaluate what happens during the match.

Points will be awarded to the winner of the game after evaluation.

In short, this is Futbol Net; you can also inform the members of your association who are interested in covering the tournament.

The tournament is taking place at the Serekunda East Football field every week from Tuesday to Thursday at 9am and 27 schools are taking part in the tournament.