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United Planet Cultural Awareness Project Launched

Apr 24, 2009, 8:47 AM

The United Planet Ambassador Club of the University of The Gambia on Wednesday 15th April 2009 launched their Cultural Awareness Project (CAP). The ceremony was held at the DaddyJobeComprehensiveSchool ground.

The United Planet Ambassador Club headquartered at the University of The Gambia is a club representing the United Planet, a non-profit organisation dedicated to building cross-cultural understanding and friendship both within the United States and around the world. As featured on CNN, United Planet has a wide-variety of social, educational and humanitarian programs to foster inter-cultural understanding, including cultural presentations for schools, cultural exchange, and volunteering and learning programs.

Speaking during the opening ceremony, Mr Biram Saidybah, President Ambassador Clubs-Gambia and representative of United Planet in The Gambia, Mr Saidybah revealed that the United Planet Ambassador Club of The University of The Gambia is a designated local Ambassador club of United Planet, an International Humanitarian NGO headquartered in Boston, USA. He said that this club is made up of a diverse representation of all major ethnic groups present in the country.

He added that upon realising the importance of United Planet and its programs they came together with the promise that the word of United Planet would reach all corners of the country and sub-region.

He said that Gambia Cap Week Chasani Gambia is one of the wonderful programs initiated by the United Planet Ambassador community.

According to Mr Saidybah, since the establishment of the group in September 2008, United Planet Ambassador Club of the University of The Gambia has partnered with all major clubs of The University with a view to working with many other organisations in the wider community.

"In our efforts to bridge cultural differences, we hope to spread the good work of United Planet not only to Gambian residents but also to those in the sub-region," Mr Saidybah added.

In his remarks, Osee Romeo, Consultant Coordinator of Ambassador clubs Cameroon, said he believes that finding out about our differences and similarities will bring the opportunity to realize about how much we can learn from each other, and work together to achieve the mission of United Planet. He posited that The Gambia club would be very enriching, noting that the cultural exchange will enrich both Cameroon club and The Gambia club.

"Our mission will be to encourage club members to recognize and appreciate the cultural diversity. We believe that visiting a place allows one to truly experience the authenticity for a culture and develop impressions," he said. He further explained that the clubs would work to provide opportunities for club members to explored their community and enlighten their eyes, minds and hearts.