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Resolution of Gambia Golf Association

Nov 19, 2012, 11:01 AM

At a meeting of the Gambia Golf Association Committee it was resolved that “the Gambia Golf Association (GGA) has always acted in accordance with its constitution , the National Sports Policy 2010-2019, the National Sports Council Act 2000, the letter and spirit of the Olympic Movement and The R&A Rules of Golf.”

“No higher authority has ever accused the GGA of abusing and/or superseding its powers as the National Governing Body for Golf,” the resolution also stated.

The resolution sent to Pointsports stated further: “Since its inception, the GGA was managing its relationship with Fajara Club, until February 2012, when the Executive Secretary of the National Sports Council (NSC) personally went to Fajara Club, assuring them that a resolution passed by the GGA suspending golf handicaps was overturned by the NSC. This singular action instantly undermined the authority of GGA and Fajara Club thus emboldened, henceforth refused to recognize GGA as the Governing Body for Golf in The Gambia.

“Section 18 (1) of the National Sports Council Act 2000 deals with sanctioning National Sports Associations (NSAs). The 4 reasons as cause for sanctioning are: (i) Ceased to operate as a National Sports Association; (ii) Failed to comply with any provision of this Act; (iii) Conducted itself in a manner which is contrary to the national interest or (iv) Failed to comply with its constitution. The penalties include the suspension, banning or expulsion of all or any of its officers from holding office in any association registered under the Act.”

The statement added that nowhere in the Act does it state that the NSC has the power to deregister a National Sport Association.

“In effect the NSC has erred because it is definitely not empowered by the Act to deregister the GGA or any other NSA. Furthermore, and for obvious reasons, the Act does not empower the NSC to ban any sport throughout the country in all areas,” the resolution remarked.

“The GGA will continue to operate as a bonafide, duly registered body of the NSC, affiliated to the Gambia National Olympic Committee, The R&A and the International Golf Federation.”

The resolution dated 16 November 2012 concluded: “The GGA will monitor the enforcement of the suspension of golf throughout the country in all areas by the NSC.”