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Nusrat SSS marks Arts Day

Feb 1, 2012, 12:51 PM | Article By: Halimatou Ceesay

Nusrat Senior Secondary School on 28 January 2012 marked Arts Day at the school premises in Bundung.

The day, organised by the Gambia government and history clubs of the school is geared towards promoting excellence in the arts and to advocate against the negative thoughts said against the field.

Speaking on the occasion, Omar Jammeh, coordinator of the club, said he believes all of the students present are beings of thought.

He said the profession needs people who are wise and who think critically, adding that “in all the court cases you never came across a stupid lawyer because all these people are critical thinkers”.

He also said that music and the films watched are arts in their own way, while giving advice to them to not see themselves as third-class students in Nusrat.

“Arts as a faculty is manned by people who are wise and think critically,” he said, adding that arts students are people who want peace to prevail on earth.

For his part, Demba Kandeh, a teacher, said it is said that arts students are third-class students of any school, “which is very wrong”.

Arts has to do with critical thinking and in history arts gave birth to the science disciplines that are being studied today. Arts governs every aspect of human life, he added, calling on students to not feel rejected but should take “this session seriously”.

In his remarks on the occasion, Lamin Ceesay, secretary of the club, said he has embarked on series of excursions to historical places in the country. The club has also been helpful to sister clubs in the school financially and morally.

Ceesay added that the club also faces some finance problems due to the poor management of their former executives; he therefore urged all the club members to put all hands on deck to achieve their goals.

In his speech, Babucarr Drammeh, a law student at the UTG, said arts is a very important field and to get to the UTG faculty of law one has to score a credit in mathematics too.

He urged students to take the subject seriously, adding that in the law department there are various fields of study that one can specialise in but “one has to read hard and think critically”.

For his part, Bakary Drammeh, a UTG political science student, said arts is one of the important and oldest fields of study.

“In order to go into the field, one has to have credit in maths and any other four subjects,” he said, while urging students to study hard and proceed with their education after their graduation to degree level.