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Renowned Gambian actor due in Banjul Today

Dec 9, 2011, 3:23 PM

As high-profiled preparations are put in place to celebrate The Gambia Fashion Night, Fatima Jabbie, a renowned Gambian female actress, is expected to touch base today to be part of the 17th December showbiz that is tipped to rainbow colour the Gambian fashion world.

The Gambian female actress is expected to land at the Banjul International airport this night where she will be welcomed by organisers of The Gambia Fashion Night.

On Saturday, Fatima will be having a welcome party at Ozio Lodge in Fajara.

In a chat with Entertainment on Wednesday at The Point offices, Adams Wilfred, a media consultant, said Fatima’s coming is to thank the Gambian people for their love and support to her in her acting career.

Fatima has won many awards including best actress, best supporting actress and African woman of the year, Wilfred notes.