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Relevance of African writers underscored

Nov 12, 2019, 1:27 PM | Article By: Yunus S Saliu

As people gather to celebrate the International Day of the African Writer, the Senegalese president of Economic, Social and Environmental Council (EESC) underscored the relevance of African writers in the defence and rehabilitation of African cultures.

At the opening ceremony of the 27th edition of the International Day of African Writers Week held in Kër Birago Bu Bees, Dakar Senegal on Thursday 8th November, Aminata Toure paid tribute to the writers and commended them for their hard work in spite of the existence of other challenges and issues related to the globalisation of cultures.

The celebration of the International Day of African Writer week is organized annually by the Association of Writers of Senegal (AES).

For their immense literary talent, she made reference to some of the African great writers and poets like President Leopold Sedar Senghor, Birago Diop including some other African writers of this generation, Leon Contras Damas among others.

She recognized some African women writers that have fined pen the African literature too, among them included Mariama Ba, Mariama Ndoye, Aminata Maiga Ka, Aminata Toure, Rahmatou Seck Samb, Veronique Tadjo, Aminata Dramane Traore, Tony Morrison.

“All of them have made their pride and still deserve our admiration and our infinite gratitude, their fight is still relevant. Even though other challenges exist, in connection with “the globalisation of cultures and exchanges of all kinds.”

However, she applauded the commitment of the founder of “Presence Africaine,” the publishing house founded by Alioune Diop and described him as a “brilliant intellectual and distinguished man of letters.”

Taking into consideration the theme of the celebration - Literature, Citizenship and the Environment- she assured AES of the EESC readiness for exploitation and the conclusions and recommendations from the event.

Gambia’s Minister of Tourism and Culture, Hamat NK Bah, expressed appreciation on the Guest of Honor invitation extended to the Writers Association of The Gambia (WAG).

He congratulated AES saying now “we have started reading Gambia books written by Gambians intellectual writers.”

He went further that The Gambia has got intelligent and committed Gambian writers that are willing to be part of the process of moving not only The Gambia, but Africa forward.

Minister Bah stressed that “the size and strength of a nation is not determined by its earnings, strength of economy, the size of its population but by its ability to protect, preserve and use its past as inspiration for national development.”

He once again congratulated the Senegalese writers association for conferring honors on two Gambians in the name of Honorable Mamadou Tangara, Minister of Tourism and Culture and Dr Cherno Omar Barry, president of WAG.

Honorable Mamadou Tangara, the Gambia Minister of Foreign Affairs thanked the members of AES for the recognitions and the honor conferred on him.

He used the moment to reflect on the hard work of Gambian writers and the respect they earned through their hard work.