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Registration opens for Brusubi “Noran” Tournament

Jan 23, 2017, 10:58 AM | Article By: John Mendy, West Coast Radio

Registration has started for a month-long maiden “Noran” Tournament at Brusubi phase I football field.

The tournament, which will be held from 17 February to 17 March 2017, seeks to provide an enjoyable tournament and competitive level-playing field for everyone.

The tournament is open to all but excluding active first, second and third division players.

The tournament provides local youth a chance to exercise and exhibit their skills with a special ambition to strive further and in realizing their dreams to becoming professionals in future.

Despite that it is the first anticipated edition, there is much more to it than just playing the tournament, as, with the help of media coverage, it seeks to attract possible sponsors.

Registration is open till through February 15th, at a fee of D3,000.

“For more information, contact Pierre Gomez or Samuel Mendy on 7292935, 3128686, 2101530 or 3438985,” stated a release by the organisers.

“We are welcoming all interested teams from all over Brusubi phases I & II and the suburbs to participate in this tournament.”

The organisers stated further: “We would be obliged if teams would enlist for this tournament, as we thank them in anticipation of their cooperation.”