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Quest for quality health care

Dec 27, 2010, 11:32 AM

Provision of quality health care delivery is essential for the welfare of the people in any nation.

In the Gambia, we note the fact that the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare and its partners are doing well in ensuring access to quality health care for citizens.

Last week, the government through the Health ministry in Banjul took delivery of medical supplies from the Al-Gathafi Project for African youth, children and women.

We view this support as timely and essential, considering the quantity donated vis a vis the high cost of drugs nowadays.

In this regard, on behalf of our people, we commend our Libyan brothers and sisters for the gesture.

We urge the Libyan project officials to continue helping the country’s health sector.

It is an indisputable fact that, when people are sick, they cannot be productive at all.

Health care, therefore, becomes the most important area that every government should make a priority.

Timely availability of relevant medicines in our health facilities is very important.

We challenge heads of health facilities to always send in their drugs supply requests in time, so as to avoid patients complaining of no drugs not being available in some public health facilities.

Indeed, in some parts of the country, people would tell you they do not want to go to public health facilities, because they believe these lack the required medicines.

Thus, any donation of essential drugs and medical supplies to improve health service delivery is highly welcomed.

Once more, we thank the leadership and people of Libya for helping boost The Gambia’s health sector.