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Press Release: Project Aid The Gambia (International NGO A57)

Mar 7, 2017, 1:33 PM

Today Project Aid The Gambia donated another bulk of medical equipment to the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, represented by Mr. Musa Saine, the Director of Logistic of MOHSW.

The items include among others

          four ultrasound machines,

          one EKG machine and its accessories

          one reanimating machine

          three X-RAY display boards

          one oximeter

          eight wheel chairs

          two leg stabilizers

The equipment handed over to MOHSW was donated by several hospitals and doctors in Germany and brought into The Gambia through Project Aid.

Mr. Matthias Ketteler, the German chairman of Project Aid The Gambia and Goodwill Ambassador at Large, together with Mr. Famara Fatty, Project Manager of Project Aid The Gambia, did the presentation of the donated items at the NGO’s Headquarter in Manjai Kunda. On his remark he said: “Part of the equipment is brand new, some items are second-hand, but tested and all are working fine.”

Mr. Musa Saine, the Director of Logistic of MOHSW, together with Mr. Lamin Ceesay, Logistic Officer of EPI, conveyed their gratitude to Project Aid The Gambia for their continuous support to the Ministry of Health. Mr. Musa Saine continued saying: “We really appreciate it. You are doing exactly that what is in the name of your organization “Project Aid”. You are aiding the Gambia. We are partners in development. On behalf of the President, on behalf of the minister, on behalf of the ministry, we say a very big Thank you.”

Right after the handing over ceremony all items were being loaded on a truck and transported to the supply centre of MOHSW. The items then will be forwarded to different hospitals in the Kombo.

Background information on Project Aid The Gambia (International NGO A57)

Since 1986 “Project Aid The Gambia” (International NGO A57) has been running several projects in The Gambia. The focus of the activities lies on the sister villages Jahaly and Madina located at the South Bank in a 270 kilometer´s distance from the Kombo region. A small Gambian management team is organizing the projects on the ground.

The German NGO, also called “Project Aid The Gambia” is funding the Gambian Project Aid. The organization in Germany has got about 50 members and about 320 friends and supporters, who are donating for the projects and doing fundraising events. The administration costs of the German organization are extremely low, i.e. 1.2 % of our incoming donations in 2015. That means: from every single Euro that is being donated, about 99 Euro cents directly go to the people of Jahaly and Madina.

The projects are: “Jahaly Health Centre” in Jahaly (since 1991), “Jahaly/Madina Kindergarten” with nursery school (since 2004), four women´s gardening projects (since 2003), the construction of eco-friendly smoke-free ovens (since 2010), the plantation of Moringa trees (since 2012), the construction of the model clinic “Njaba Kunda Health Centre” in the village Njaba Kunda (2011/12) located at the North Bank, the support and surgery of Gambian kids (since 2012), who can’t be treated in The Gambia - a cooperation with the German NGO “Friedensdorf (Peace Village) International”. As a recent development, in February 2017 Project Aid The Gambia took over the management and administration of the “Health Center Buniadu” at the North Bank, in cooperation with the German NGO “Riverboat Doctors International”.