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Press Freedom is key to development

Jan 15, 2013, 9:46 AM

A fundamental of democracy is that citizens must have information and knowledge. People must be informed if they are to play an active role in the advancement of their country.

We believe that free and responsible media are critical sources of information for citizens who want to choose the best leaders for their country, and make sound decisions about the issues that affects their lives and country.

The information the media provide is just as critical for intelligent economic and personal decisions as for good political choices.

We understand that there is a strong relationship between open media and free and effective economies.

In fact, recent studies conducted by the World Bank have shown that free media are essential for successful economic progress in developing countries.

Freedom of the press is important as it gives the people liberty to express their views through the media.

Freedom of the press is the right given to everyone to speak about something that they feel was not justified.

Government and public officials must realize that independent media is more important in any democracy; thus the need for freedom of the press.

No nation can prosper in the absence of a vibrant media, and that is a fact that many governments, even in Africa, have accepted.

People’s right to know issues regarding their country cannot be censored just because someone or some people will not be happy.

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