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Dutch foundation boosts Cluny Nursery School

Jan 15, 2013, 9:58 AM | Article By: Malamin LM Conteh

Cluny Nursery School, one of the oldest nursery schools in The Gambia, founded in 1921, has received a handsome donation from a Klending Voor, Afrika, Clothing for Africa Com, in a form of doll which can be used by the pupils as a toy.

The foundation, which was established last year, collects used clothes in Netherlands, and take out what is waste and sell the rest in Eastern Europe.

And with the proceeds of their activities the foundation can provide for humanitarian aid in Africa.

Speaking at the presentation ceremony, the headmistress of the nursery school, Ms Catherine Coker, told the donor that the school is a small school, with children ranging from 3 to 7 years.

For his part, Lawyer L.K Mboge, who is the legal adviser of the Kidda Textile, said they chose the Cluny Nursery School because of its proximity from the Kidda Textile Company.

He thanked his clients for facilitating the donation.

The managing director of the Kidda Textile Company, Eddy Cop, promised that this will not be the end of their donation to schools in The Gambia as the villages also will benefit from the foundation.