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Poverty and poor environment perpetuate preventable diseases

Apr 1, 2016, 11:46 AM

A seminar on diet control and disease prevention measures has just been concluded for more than 50 people, drawn from various communities across the country.

The seminar tried to impart knowledge into the participants on how to deal with issues of controlling diet, and how to prevent some of the diseases that are caused by the food people consume and the materials they use to cook those foods.

One striking fact, we have also derived from that training activity organized by the International Health Organisation (IHO), is that the serious health problems experienced by disenfranchised people in rural communities are often perpetuated by their poverty and environmental condition.

Another lesson gained from the IHO secretary’s remarks  is that isolated attempts to treat  diseases, from the health  perspective alone or to improve only certain aspects  of the health of affected people,  would not be successful over time, unless there are  parallel  improvements in the economic and  environmental conditions  which perpetuate  the cycle of poor health, impoverishment, and premature death, by preventable diseases.

The fact that most of the diseases and deaths being experienced by our people, especially the rural dwellers, are mainly due to poverty and unhealthy environments, need not be over-emphasised.

It is true that due to poverty and lack of knowledge people are forced to live in unhealthy environment, and have less control over food choice or diet.

So the IHO could be right in saying  that isolated  attempts to treat diseases from a health perspective alone  or to improve  certain  aspects of their health would not be  successful  over time, unless improvement in the economic and environmental  conditions  of people is achieved as well.

Another traditional bi-weekly cleansing exercise (set settal) has been announced for tomorrow.

Let all and sundry participate to keep the environment and nation clean, and avoid the risk of environmental-related diseases.

“Environmental pollution is an incurable disease. It can only be prevented .”

Barry Commoner