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Police Officer Testifies In Court

Oct 23, 2009, 3:14 PM | Article By: Dawda Faye

Couple 508 Lamin Nyassi, attached to the PIU on 20th October 2009, testified against Reverend Bannie Manga and his co-accused who are charged with obstructing police officers in due execution of their duties.

In his testimony, officer Nyassi told the court that he recognised the accused persons, noting that on 4th July, 2008, he was on duty at the American Embassy.

He adduced that he was the second in command and that he was assigned to guard the office.

He testified that while he was in the Guardroom, the security men called him and told him that there was a vehicle parked in front of the Embassy at the other side of the highway.

He stated that he told him to tell the driver of the vehicle to move away as the place was a no-parking-area. He said for security reasons the accused persons were making calls in the car after which he happened to come out of the Guardroom to visit the scene and went straight to the vehicle where he found the accused persons talking on their mobile phones.

He testified that he greeted them but they did not respond. He adduced that the second accused came out of the car and asked him to wait but told him that there was no time to waste. He said he then asked the second accused to move and further asked him to park on the back area. He stated that the second accused told him that the first accused is a Reverend.

He further testified that the accused would not pay heed but he too insisted that they had to move. As a result, he said, the second accused pushed him and he called his colleague for assistance.

Subsequently, he said the accused persons were arrested.