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Over D1m Meat Project Opens in New Yundum

May 13, 2008, 5:45 AM | Article By: A.Nyockeh & B. Samateh

West Africa Cattle Company, a US-based company, in collaboration with Julakay Holdings Company recently opened its newly built meat market in New Yundum.The project is worth over one million dalasis.    

Speaking to these reporters in an excusive interview, Mr Malamin Manjang, Head of the Meat Market project, said the purpose of the project is to provide quality and affordable meat to the general public at a price which the average Gambian cannot have anywhere.

Mr Manjang pointed out that the aims and objectives of the project are to provide end-products and improve the rate of meat for those involved in business in the area.

According to Mr Manjang, the price of meat is high because the middle-men are the causative agent of the high price of meat.

He said the new market project will strive to directly buy meat from the farmers from southern Senegal and will give all necessary treatment to animals, and ensure that they are in a good condition before slaughtering them for consumers.

He pointed out that the market comprises slaughtering hall as well as hanging room for post-mortem, inspection of animals and controlling of billions of bacteria. The market, he stated, has other facilities.

He added that the meat market covers a wide area of land around the east with hygienic environment, explaining that the market has a borehole, good water supply, electricity and toilet facilities for its customers.

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