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Diction-in-English Academy For Gambia

Jun 19, 2009, 6:15 AM | Article By: Cherno O. Bobb & Abdou Rahman Sallah

Diction-in-English Academy, whose ultimate main aim is to help 'perfect our action in English Language' has finally arrived in the Gambia.

According to the Coordinator of the programme, Ebou S. Bah, this is a new school which has a very unique and fruitful programme for the people of the Gambia in helping to utilise English Language.

Mr. Bah stated "our mother tongue has corrupted our English Language and this is why the school has come up with this programme to help perfect our action in English Language".

This school has also come up with the idea of training teachers so that teachers can also go back to their respective schools to share the idea with the students, noting that the programme should be created with space in the school time table. This, he said, was why the Department of State for Basic and Secondary Education was consulted because they are the institution that have to declare its existence.

The school is also urging the government to give them a helping hand in order to discentralise its agenda.

Also, speaking at the occasion was Chris Nkwdcha, the CEO/MD of the programme.  He noted that the aim of the programme was to establish a common action for Africans so that when "we speak English we can hear and understand each other perfectly".

Mr. Nkwdcha also further revealed that they have come up with the CAA, which he said, is a common African English action.

 Nkwdcha also pointed out that the programme is looking forward at an action that is truly African, and  that should be understood by the Western world "because communication tells people your educational back ground".

He further disclosed that the programme has been existing in Nigeria for about eleven years.

MD Nkwdcha also revealed that they had been in touch with schools like Ndows, Zanet, Rainbow and Methodist in the Gambia.

According to Mr. Nkwdcha, the programme is expected to kick-start training teachers this coming August, noting that the lunch of the programme was done on Saturday 6 June, 2009.

Mr. Nkwdcha also urged all Gambians to come to their support and cooperation  as far as the agenda is concerned.

According to him, it is a very fruitful programme for Gambians to embrace, especially the government because it has a place in the Gambia.  He said if the programme is  given the necessary support, it would within a period of five years make a big difference in improving our scholars,  business centres, communication centres and the whole Gambian population at large.