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Our roads condition a dent on our reputation

Oct 2, 2015, 11:52 AM

The condition of our roads in the capital city is seriously affecting businesses in Banjul as well as denting our reputation.

This situation needs serious redress as soon as possible; otherwise most businesses would gravely be affected, which is not good for the economy of the country, National Assembly Members (NAMs) contended during their recent adjournment debate at the National Assembly.

“When there is no access to good roads that would slow down business activity,” one of the NAMs said.

The fact that senior statesmen and women have themselves come to the realization that the condition of our roads, especially in the city centre of Banjul is deplorable and needs serious redress, shows how disturbing and heartrending this situation has reached.

The roads in Banjul are just too bad, as they have been spattered with so many potholes that have created avenues for stinky water and filth dangerous to human health.

The problems they pose for vehicles and commuters are just too heartrending and costly.

Because of the bad condition of these roads and the stinky water and filth that settle in the potholes, life is made miserable for the people as they are exposed to an unhealthy environment.

It is also a dent on our reputation, since it would send negative signal of our nation state and our hygienic sense, especially to visitors. 

They say a guest sees more in an hour than a host in a year; hence we must do everything possible to address this dishonourable situation.

We are also, therefore, appealing to the National Assembly select committee responsible for roads, to do everything possible in tandem with the National Roads Authority and the relevant ministry responsible for road construction to address the situation in Banjul.

The same applies for areas like Coastal Road and several parts in the Greater Banjul area, which are equally making life very difficult for people in the country, particular residents faced with the direct impacts of these bad roads.

We cannot afford to build a city state on the backdrop of roads spattered with potholes full of filth and stinky water. We, therefore, need to urgently address the situation to move a notch higher in our infrastructural build-up and development drive.

“The best reformers the world has ever seen are those who commence on themselves.”
George Bernard Shaw