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Opposition UDP, PPP, GMC coalition holds rallies

Dec 16, 2013, 9:34 AM | Article By: Abdourahman Sallah

A coalition of three opposition parties namely, the United Democratic Party, Peoples Progressive Party and the Gambia Moral Congress on Saturday and Sunday held rallies in Tallinding Buffer Zone and Brikama respectively.

The rallies, which brought together thousands of opposition sympathisers across the regions in the country, were called by the leadership of the parties.

Speaking before a well-attended gathering at the Buffer Zone, Omar Jallow alias OJ, leader of the Peoples Progressive Party, deplored what he called the suffering of Gambians whom he said, live in extreme poverty.

OJ told the gathering that the ruling APRC has for long accused the PPP government of the First Republic of misusing state resources, corruption and underdevelopment of the country, but today the APRC regime is buying cars costing over three million dalasis.

‘‘The APRC government has turn Gambians to become beggars,’’ he said.

Commenting on their coalition, OJ said with strong emphasis that there is no way anyone can split or change their concept. ‘‘Whether you join the bandwagon or not, we are moving and no one can stop us because we have agreed in all the areas,’’ he stated.

He said: ‘‘Come 2016 presidential election, we will issue President Jammeh a red card and this will happen with our collaborated efforts.’’

Ousainou Darboe, who asked the gathering to remember the late UDP strongman Momodou Lamin Single Nyassi in a minute’s silence, praised him for all his efforts in salvaging the country from what he described as a ‘deep hole’.

Darboe told party militants, especially the youths that all they are struggling for is for them and, therefore, and they should take the lead in the struggle by coming out in their large numbers to vote during elections to remove the APRC government in power.

‘‘We are called the Smiling Coast while we are bleeding inside. What is smiling about us, when actually we are bleeding and nobody is brave to speak because there is no democracy, and everybody is afraid,’’ Darboe told the crowd.

Pa Jobarteh speaking on behalf of GMC leader, Mai Fatty, said Gambians have cried and suffered for long, and called on Gambians to vote for a change come 2016 elections.

Alh Amadou Kora, UDP URR representative, called on all opposition leaders to be united for good, and that they must not fear anything as long as they are within the limits of the law.

‘‘This country has lost its democracy, and has seen a series of human right violations in the wake of frequent arrests, detentions and jailing of Gambians,’’ he stated.

Alhagie Tumbul Samateh of LRR said Gambians should help themselves by voting for a change, come the 2016 presidential elections.

He deplored the fact that the cost of living in the country continues to be rising, with a bag of rice now being beyond the reach of the average Gambian.

Alhagie Darbo Jaiteh of CRR called on Gambians to stop pretending and accept the realities on the ground, noting that there is no freedom of expression in The Gambia now.

Sulayman Sanyang of NBR said the country is becoming harder day by day, and that this can only change if Gambians come out and vote for the opposition in the 2016 presidential elections.

Aramata Demba of WCR said they should have faith in whatever they are doing to salvage this country from the APRC government.

According to him, to be an opposition member is not bad, as it is just because one feels that things are not going the right way, and needed a change for the better and this can only be possible through the ballot.

Mrs. Aja Ndumbeh Njie said the political struggle is not an individual problem, but instead a collective problem that affects all and sundry.