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Global Hands Gambia opens office in Manduar

Jan 13, 2015, 3:08 PM | Article By: Alieu Bobb

Global Hands Gambia on 8 January 2015 opened their office in Manduar village in the West Coast Region, an occasion graced by the villagers and surrounding villages, as well as 33 students from Demonford University.

The office includes a building containing an IT room and a master bedroom.

Speaking on the occasion, Momodou Sallah, Globa Hands International chair board of directors, expressed delight to the people of Manduar, especially the youths and the members of Global Hands for their hard work, dedication, commitment and willingness to make Global Hands successful in Manduar.

“We are very happy to be here,” he said, adding that they were there a year ago and have seen the respect the people of Manduar gave them.

According to him, at the time they talked to the people of Manduar about land, they told them that they would give them land.

He said this could not have been possible without Jim’s intervention and hard work.

“We will build a better Gambia. We will not wait for anyone to build it for us,” he said, adding that the fundraising was already done by the Demonford University students.

Jimmy Hendry Nzally, chairperson Global Hands Gambia, thanked the people of Manduar for their support.

“When we consulted the imam, elders and the youths of the village they told us that they will give us a land, which they did and we are grateful to the people of Manduar,” he added.

He also expressed gratitude to the members of Global Hands and the youths of the village, who work tirelessly to make the association what it is.

The people of this country are blessed, he continued, and urge the people of The Gambia to join Global Hands because they have a dream.

He acknowledged the efforts of the members from Demonford University.

Manduar women Kafo’s Fatou Saho said Global Hands are part of Manduar village. Someone who has a good intention and is willing to help could not be considered a stranger, she said.

Saho urged all women of the village to join hands and move forward successfully.

Abubacarr Sowe also thanked Global Hands for their good initiative for the village and the youths development, which would help young people to have skills.

He appealed to Global Hands to help Manduar with a solar panel to run their village taps.