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Nigerian movie expert in town to assist movie industry

Jun 3, 2011, 4:25 PM

Nigerian film expert Larry West is currently in the country to meet with movers and shakers of The Gambia movie industry as well as to establish a movie production centre that can create job opportunities for Gambians.

West is also in town to train actors to perfect their art of acting for both the Gambian movie industry and those abroad.

Briefing Entertainment recently at Jokor Westfield, West said his mission in The Gambia is to develop the movie industry as well as to effectively train youthful Gambian actors.

"People think that movie industry is based only on actors; the movie industry has different departments such as designers (segment)," Larry said.

Larry West told Entertainment: "We want to establish something like what we have in Ghana and Nigeria. There are artists here but we need to help them so that they can become quality movie actors."

Movie industry is all about shooting (movies and films), he said, adding: "Before we go up to Nigeria it is better we have it in The Gambia. We want to have a market in The Gambia because we have standard films."

The Nigerian film actor added that film is also about culture. "When I came here the last time I began to teach some of the Gambian actors necessary things about movie," he noted.

Taking a leaf from that, he said, they came out with a group called Africa Movie Makers Association with its headquarters in The Gambia.

According to him, the association was registered with the National Centre for Arts and Culture in December 2010.

The movie industry is very important, Larry reiterated, saying it helps people in many areas such as education, culture, the social domain and other spheres of life.

West said his first visit to The Gambia made him know that many people in the country are interested in watching movies.

In marketing, the movie star said The Gambia is not only his target when it comes to films.

West, however, noted that Gambian youths have talents in movie which can be enhanced, adding that they only need support.

He therefore calls on the government, private sector organisations and individuals to support his association.