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NACOFAG hosts Stakeholder meeting on newly invented smart Agriculture

Oct 29, 2019, 12:25 PM | Article By: Abdoulie Nyockeh

National Coordinating Organisation for Farmer Association of The Gambia (NACOFAG), in partnership with solutions HEIGHT and Technik Plus carbon farming Austria, Monday convened a daylong stakeholder meeting for presentation and demonstration of newly invented smart Agriculture machinery for conservation designed for tropical and sub-regional Africa.

The meeting was held at the Nema office in Abuko with the objective to share and learn with the participants on the opportunities and chances developed towards using machineries for the development and promotion of conservation agriculture both locally and internationally.

President of NACOFAG Musa Sowe expressed appreciation with the partnership between NACOFAG with Solutions HEIGHTS and TECHNIK PLUS Carbon   farming Austria, saying he cherishes the partnership in strengthening the agricultural sector. “We are more than willing to work in partnership with Technik plus. Carbon is one of the contributing factors of climate change and climate impact on agriculture and as a result, it affects yield.”

 Mr. Sowe challenged participants to actively participate in the event and to ask questions to clear their doubts. 

Thomas Kukovec, Export Sales Agronomist regional Director of MENA and Sub-Saharan Africa said Technik- PLUS has developed a cutting- edge Carbon farming- technology in their impulse- centre in mureck, South Austria, for sustainable and gently mechanized farming with a strong commitment to conservation and environmental sustainability and special focus on African agriculture.

He said agriculture is one of the great potential that represents women employment in household income and provides food security

He further stated that the company has been making inroads in several countries in Africa with significance sales in South Africa, Uganda and Morocco. He added that they are in talks with farmers’ organisation in Kenya and Nigeria with a targeted riche in semi-arid agriculture in many African nations.

According to him, the company has been well received by different farmers with a strong partnership with Uganda National young farmers Association (UNYFA), saying Technik-Plus- carbon Farming Austria is an Austrian agri-tech company that develop and sell air seeders, planters, and cultivators for minimum tillage and no –till application in tropical and subtropical countries of Africa, latin America, Oceania, and Asia.