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Music: Mohawkh to release compilation album

Oct 7, 2011, 2:22 PM

A young talented Gambian artiste, Mohawk, is putting finishing touches to preparations for releasing a compilation album in November this year.

In a chat with Entertainment on Tuesday at his residence in Pipeline, Mohawk said the compilation album, which will be released by Block Entertainment, is a mixed flavour which includes R and B, mbalax, soul acoustic, hip hop and reggae.

The artistes that are in the compilation are signed by the Block Entertainment, Mohawkh said. They include Jali Madi, Mohawkh, MC Mbye, Alpha Omar, Aka Daddy J and Manna OZ.

The experienced music star also informed Entertainment that the compilation is mainly aimed at promoting artistes both locally and internationally. “The compilation is a good way of promoting artistes,” he said, adding: “The project is really a good project. Right now we are looking for a sponsor to release the album.”

The star musician noted that as soon as the album is released, it would be available on sale at “all recording studios in the country”.

There will be a follow-up of Jali Madi’s new album at the end of the year, after the release of the album. A press conference will also be held when the album is released by Mohawkh, who thanked Aka Ala and the entire Holy Band Family for their support.