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Coleman Restaurant & Catering beefs up menu

Oct 7, 2011, 2:20 PM

Coleman Restaurant and Catering, The Gambia’s premier restaurant, is one of the most talked about spots in the country among middle aged elite, as the elegant eatery maintains sustained effort at scaling up its menu in harmony with pace and time.

With its new look, Coleman is poised to provide its customers with unrivalled quality service without hitting them hard in the pocket.

Speaking in an interview with Entertainment on Tuesday at his office on MDI Road in Kanifing, Assan Cole, proprietor of Coleman Restaurant, said the restaurant “is with its own conception”.

Established in 2007 at Nana building, the restaurant has been giving value for money to all shades of customers of the spot.

Assan Cole says: “We are rendering catering services as well as restaurant dinning which caters for both local and international dishes. It is a pocket-friendly restaurant to customers.”

Even though the market is too small, Assan says one has to work hard to penetrate it and deliver good service.  “We have a lot of catering for the people,” he added.

The Coleman Restaurant boss noted that his restaurant is fully prepared to host entertaining events for the public. 

He therefore called on those who are in the leisure and hospitality industry to stand firm and work hard to control the market and provide optimal services to the public.