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Gunjur Community Link draft constitution adopted

Aug 16, 2013, 11:05 AM | Article By: Lamin Darboe

Gunjur Community Link on 11 August 2013 adopted its draft constitution at the Gunjur Daycare Centre, witnessed by multitude of Gunjurians.

Speaking on the occasion, the chairman of Gunjur Village Development Committee, Demba Jobe Touray, hailed the taskforce committee for their efforts and time in preparing the draft constitution.

Even though the taskforce committee encountered lots of difficulties during the drafting of the constitution, they were able to draft a good constitution for the Gunjur Community Link, he noted.

Jobe Touray urged the Kabilos, community-based organizations, minority groups and school management committees to select their representatives and send them to the General Assembly.

According to him, the General Assembly and Executive Board will be inaugurated on Sunday 18 August 2013, at the Gunjur Daycare Centre.

Jobe Touray added that Marlborough Brandt Group in Wilshire in the United Kingdom is also eager for Gunjur Community Link to select the new General Assembly and Executive Board to forge ahead with their programmes.

The Chief of Kombo South, Alhagie Mustapha Touray, also applauded the taskforce committee for their tireless efforts at preparing the constitution.

It is not easy to prepare a constitution, he said, adding that despite encountering a lot of difficulties during its drafting, the taskforce committee came up with standard constitution for Gunjur Community Link.

The chairman of the taskforce committee, Tijan Bojang, said the support and efforts of Gunjur natives motivated them to draft a good constitution, which was a difficult task.

The secretary general of the taskforce committee, Ebrima Janneh, challenged Gunjur natives to come forward and rally behind Gunjur Community Link to realize their objectives, adding that their contribution would aid the link to succeed.

Amadou Bojang, a member of the taskforce committee, said all organizations operating in Gunjur are all under Gunjur Link committee.

The councillor of Gunjur Ward, Karamo Jorang Bojang, commended the taskforce committee for their effort at preparing a good constitution for the Gunjur link and wished them all the best of luck in life.

Faburama Darboe, a native of Gunjur, urged the Kabilos to send competent and capable people to the General Assembly to ensure a good Gunjur Committee Link.