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Memorizing the Holy Qur'an

Mar 22, 2011, 11:39 AM

The first edition of the President's National Quranic Memorization Competition held last Friday at the Doha Conference Hall of the Gambia Supreme Islamic Council serves as a source of motivation for many Muslims, especially the children and youths.

Three students from Oubey Ben Kaab Arabic School in Banjul and Dara Sunnah Arabic School in Wellingara on Friday emerged winners of the male category of this first-ever national Quranic memorization competition.

Indeed, the event has inspired many Muslims, especially the young ones, not only because of its monetary reward, but the larger reward they anticipate from Allah for actively participating in the competition.

Soriba Dibbasey and Abdoulie Alieu Jallow of Oubey Ben Kaab Arabic School emerged as first and second place winners respectively, while Saidou Jallow emerged as the third winner.

The first place winner will receive a price of one Million Dalasis, the second place winner will receive Five Hundred Thousand Dalasis, while the third person will also receive Two Hundred and Fifty Thousand Dalasis.

These children have already made a name for themselves, and we encourage all parents to encourage their children to consider reading and memorizing the Quran at a tender age.

In fact, according to some scholars, a person who is closer to the Almighty Allah is someone who reads and memorizes the Holy Quran.

Almost every Muslim wishes to memorise the Quran, and many have tried doing so, but could not succeed along the way.

We believe that any child who makes reading and memorization of the Quran a daily activity, and devotes a special time for the purpose, will surely make it in this competition.

Our children should learn to listen to audio cassettes of the Quran, among others, in order to assist them in memorizing the holy book.

The national Quranic memorization competition will, no doubt, encourage children, and will help them to develop the knowledge and skills to compete with each other.

Since not only those who read the Quran are rewarded, but those who listen to the reading, we encourage all Muslims to continue reading the holy text.

Finally, we encourage those reading and memorizing the Quran to apply the knowledge gained, to serve humankind and the Almighty Allah.

"Fear God and he will give you knowledge."