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Let’s maintain peace and security

Oct 4, 2011, 12:55 PM

Peace and security is fundamental in any democratic state, and it is important for every law-abiding citizen to cherish the peace and order in our society.

Today, Africa is confronted with lots of unsettled conflicts, and this has clearly shown that the continent still has a long way to go in achieving peace and security.

Despite the fact that remarkable strides have been made in democratic governance, there are still challenges with respect to peace and security all over Africa.

The continent continues to stifle movement toward progress in democratic development.

It is now high time for the African Union (AU) and other international bodies to address the issue of peace and security at the highest political level.

The issue should not only be discussed at international meetings, and it stops there, but necessary action must be taken by African governments in order to bring peace and stability in the various states in our continent.

The call for peace and security anywhere around the world is, indeed, timely especially now that we have the conflict in the Middle East, which has, for now, shown no sign of abating.

For Africa to have peace and security, African Union member states should come together to address their individual problems first, and try to solve their differences at the continental level, as well as avoid the interference of foreign countries who might have a vested interest in their resources.

As the adage has it - united we stand, divided we fall.

Unity, therefore, should be maintained for peace and prosperity in the continent to become entrenched.

Let us not allow anyone to divide us - the peace and stability of the continent should be our major concern.

We must do away with unnecessary conflicts, and the only way festering problems can be tackled is through dialogue.

Reconciliation efforts must be intensified, and appreciating one another is crucial in maintaining peace.

In The Gambia, for instance, there is an absolute need to ensure free and fair elections, so as to maintain the peace and stability that this country has long been known for.

“There is no way to peace, peace is the way.”
A.J. Muste