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Let`s keep the momentum

Aug 13, 2013, 12:34 PM

Throughout the holy month of Ramadan people have been doing one good thing or another such as additional prayers, meditation, reading and translating the Holy Quran, as well as caring and supporting one another.

Well, now that Ramadan has ended, we would like to use the opportunity to remind the faithful that worshipping in Islam should not be seasonal matter.

We mean that one cannot fast in the month of Ramadan and observe all that goes with fasting, such as performing the night prayers, observing the five daily prayers, avoiding backbiting, fornication, etc., only to suddenly return to bad ways, immediately after the Ramadan.

Ramadan comes and goes, but worshipping Allah is an obligation upon all Muslims throughout one’s lifetime.

Fasting should help reform a good Mulsim to become more pious.

Attending the congregational prayer is also another key area, that a Muslim should consider at all times, and not only during the fasting period.

The other important matter that catches our attention is the issue of dress code, especially of our womenfolk.

It was lovely to seeing some of our Muslim sisters dressed in the recommended Islamic way, during the period of Ramadan, covering their bodies properly, as opposed to when they sometimes dress, almost naked.

We do hope that the momentum will continue, even after the holy month of Ramadan.

We must continue doing good deeds throughout our life as Muslims and true believers of Islam.