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Leave our teenagers alone!

Dec 27, 2012, 9:17 AM

Teenagers mainly girls have for many years been victims of rape, in many parts of the country.

The phenomenon leaves us disturbed, as hardly a week passes without the media reporting about a rape case reaching the courts.

Sadly enough, sometimes very young children are reportedly raped by elderly men, which makes any human being with his senses to wonder how, and why it happened.

While not all alleged cases of rape are confirmed to be rape, it is totally unacceptable to see this inhuman practice continue to prevail in our society.

The danger that this seems to be symbolising is that it seems young girls are no longer safe in this country; that these girls are being hunted by men with uncanny sexual urges.

To our own findings, this seems to take place everywhere, since the victims are even raped all across the country.

Our argument is that these sexual assaults defile young girls, and leave them with scars for life!

Some people claim it is done in order to give the predators supernatural powers; others claim it is done for fun. Whatever the motive, rape is abominable and must not be condoned or taken lightly. It is regarded as sin and an abomination in the sight of Allah.

However, we believe that to curb the incidences, young girls should not be allowed to go about all alone, especially in isolated areas. They should always be accompanied. Besides, they should also be trained not to accept gifts from strangers.

The culture of silence on rape must be broken in every part of our society, in order to make the country a safe haven for our children.

Since the effects of rape are very severe, we are calling on all and sundry including parents, to provide more protection for our kids.