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Lancaster United defeat Elminite in Banjul Nawettan Opener

Aug 27, 2013, 10:45 AM | Article By: Lamin Darboe

Lancaster United recently beat Elminite FC 1-0 in the opening game of the 2013-2014 Banjul Nawettan game played at the City’s biggest football arena, the Banjul KG5 Mini Stadium.

Lancaster United and Elminite are hungry for victory in this year’s Banjul Nawettan after failing to deliver to expectations in the last year’s Nawettan season but it was Lancaster United who bagged the maximum points after their slender win over household-name Elminite.

Elminite FC, a household name in Banjul Nawettan, have won several trophies in previous years but failed to perform to expectations in recent years.

Elminite need to win their remaining group games in order to stand a better chance of qualifying for the second round as well as avoiding relegation.

Elsewhere, Falcons FC were held to a 1-all draw by Ngoyang FC at the Banjul KG5 Mini Stadium.

Lancaster United FC have collected 3 points in one game. Falcons and Ngoyang are with 1 point each in single games, while Elminite FC with zero point in one game need only a win in their remaining group to stand a better chance of staying in the Nawettan.

Meanwhile, Gidda Youth FC walloped Yarambamba FC 4-1 in the ongoing Brikama Nawettan game at the Brikama Mini Stadium, whilst Santo Su FC beat Kabafita FC.



Both coaches of Firehouse i.e. Saul Corr and Abdoulie Jallow are suspended from the bench for two (2) consecutive matches for being sent off the bench by the Match Official during their match against Babylon.



6.1.1     Yellow cards will be wipe out (amnesty) after the qualifying rounds but players with red card or under suspension will serve their suspension accordingly.


19.1.1   Players/officers/supporters are prohibited to climb on the perimeter fence when a goal is scored. If anyone is caught doing so, a fine of D500 will be imposed and payable before their next game;

19.1.2   No player should enter the field with chewing gum, iron studs or any object that will cause damage to the artificial turf. Sanctions will be imposed as the Committee deems fit to any team or player;

19.1.3 Players and officers are not allowed to urinate in the football field as sanction will be imposed on anyone doing so;

19.1.4 No item or material for example eggs, liquid etc. is allowed in the football field that would be seen as charm or juju as sanctions will be imposed on anyone or team doing so;


It’s been observed that Malick Joof (Fish) has sat on the benches of Marcus and Falcons, whilst Aziz Morrison sat on the benches of Elminite and G-Unit. Both coaches are warned to desist from such practices as its only allowed to sit on bench during the course of the Nawetaan.