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Kuntaur Area Council CEO highlights recent successes

Aug 28, 2013, 11:21 AM | Article By: Abdou Rahman Sallah

Pa Ansu Darboe, Chief Executive Officer of Kuntaur Area Council in the Central River Region North, has recalled the numerous development initiatives undertaken and supported by his council this year.

According to him, even though his council has been the lowest in terms of revenue generation compared to other councils in the country, it has always been interested in the welfare of its taxpayers, thus provides development services to better improve their standard of living in the local government area (CRR North).

CEO Darboe made these statements in an interview with this reporter recently at the Paradise Suites Hotel in Senegambia.

He noted that the rehabilitation of the council’s office and the provision of clean water and motorcycles are among the various development projects undertaken by the council thanks to its 2013 budget, to ease revenue collection within the local government administrative area.

He pointed out that his council is committed to community development, and is always looking into the welfare of its people, thus complementing government’s efforts in bringing about sustainable developments for the people of the local government authority.

Highlighting some of the council’s recent development interventions, Darboe revealed that his council had purchased four motorcycles for revenue collectors at the cost of D100,000,It had also rehabilitated the council offices at the cost of D80,000, constructed public latrines for male and female at Panchang lumo (weekly rural market) at a cost of D65,000, provided a well at Ballangharr at the cost of D25,000, and sponsored 3 students (2 at MDI and 1 at Nusrat Senior Secondary School) among other social services.

He further stated that these developments brought by the council and others such as the provision of clean and safe drinking water, and student scholarships, are done through funds derived from the rates and taxes collected by the council.

He said Kuntaur Area Council has a very low revenue base compared to other councils, adding that the only source of revenue for the council is from the rates and taxes collected from daily markets, lumos and government subvention.

According to him, compared to previous years, this year about 70% of the rates and taxes were collected by the council thanks to the series of sensitizations it carried out on the importance of timely payment of rates and taxes from the taxpayers within the local government administrative area.

The council also supports community and national initiatives, such as monthly cleansing exercises and other lumo cleansing exercises in Kaur, Panchang, Nyaga Bantang, Wassu, Karantaba, Kuntaur and Sami Pachonki.

Mr Darboe urged taxpayers to pay their rates and taxes on time in order to acquire and enjoy meaningful developments from the council in return because the council depends on rates and taxes to bring about sustainable development for its people.

He commended his staff and the people of the LGA for taking ownership of their development endeavours within the local government authority.