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Kodus to Health ministry!

Jan 7, 2020, 2:06 PM

Health is indispensable in any national development endeavour. And nation building efforts cannot be successful if adequate attention is not paid to the population’s health.

In our Monday’s edition we ran a story about a donation of ambulances made by the Ministry of Health to communities in the Upper Niumi, North Bank Region. The move was timely and important looking at the condition of primary health in the Gambia.

The donation was made during the Health minister’s visits to five dilapidated health posts in North Bank Region (NBR) and Central River Region (CRR) so as to fulfill President Adama Barrow’s pledge during his Meet the People’s Tour.

It is important to underscore the importance of emergency care in any health-related work. These ambulances donated would greatly help strengthen mobility fleet in these health posts in the Nuimis.

However, there is need to upgrade most of this health posts in rural Gambia with up-to-date scientific labs and electricity facilities to make the work of doctors, nurses and surgeons more convenient.

Healthcare is wealth and this make healthcare an expensive sector in any country. Most of the equipment used in most of the country’s health sector are imported couple with the scarce resources allocated to the health sector.

While government is doing all it can to ensure and enhance the living status of Gambians, there is need to forge partnership with international organisations to boost the country’s health sector.

Strengthening the country’s referral system is very crucial. And it’s vital to note whether in a minor health center or health post where people’s conditions cannot be managed need to be transferred immediately. This makes these ambulances more important to the work of health. 

We are all aware that most of this health posts serve a number of catchment areas. Sometimes timely referrals are important in ensuring quality and convenient output especially when it involves critical cases. Most often, pregnant women in rural Gambia complaint of timely referral especially when they are in labour.  It is important to emphasise that inasmuch as health is expensive no woman should die giving birth.

The issue of under staffing and shortage of drugs is often echoed by locals especially in rural Gambia. Therefore, we call on the Ministry of Health to work on that area and ensure that our health posts are supplied with enough drugs and staff to be able to do their work accordingly.

 Without drugs and mobility it would be difficult to function as a health centre that should responds to the needs of the community.

“To keep the body in good health is a duty... otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.”