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Turkey-based foundation gives out 50 bulls to Gambians

Sep 14, 2016, 10:35 AM | Article By: Abdoulie Nyockeh

Doctor Worldwide Foundation based in Turkey Monday gave out fifty bulls to the community of Sukuta and its catchment areas.

The donation was made through the chairperson of Khadija Foundation Center-Gambia, Muhammed F. Jabbi, who doubles as the principal of Brufut Upper and Senior Secondary School.

The fifty bulls were shared among communities, in which Sukuta received 41 bulls, Brikama community 3 bulls, Brufut 3 bulls and Fajikunda community 3 bulls.

The distribution was witnessed by one of the donors, who came all the way from Turkey to The Gambia.

Speaking immediately after the distribution, Muhammed F. Jabbi, chairperson of Khadija Foundation Center-Gambia, thanked the Almighty Allah for making the event a success.

He expressed appreciation and congratulated the donors for the “magnificent gesture”, saying the 50 bulls donated to needy Gambians was significant and would attract great rewards and blessings from the Almighty Allah.

“We really appreciate the gesture, which has been ongoing for couple of years now,” Mr Jabbi said.

He said Worldwide Foundation had been involved in many activities including health and education, as well as giving rams and other animals to needy Muslims.

Mr Jabbi also used the opportunity to express sorrow and sadness to the leadership and people of Turkey for the “unfortunate incident” regarding the failed coup in the country recently.

According to him, despite that “ugly incident”, the people of Turkey through Doctor Worldwide Foundation insisted that they must support needy Gambians with Tobaski gifts.

“This shows the love and care the people of Turkey have for Gambians,” he said, and thanked the chairman of Khadija Foundation, who is based in London, Fiesal Sherman.

Master Jabbi said further that he was impressed about the way and manner the community conducted themselves during the distribution of the bulls.

He thanked all those who made the event successful.

Sukuta Imam Ismalia Beyai, in his sermon, praised members of Doctor Worldwide Foundation for their continued support to needy Muslims in The Gambia, a gesture he said had become traditional as it was being done annually.

“We acknowledge their support to humanity for which the Almighty will reward them,” the Sukuta Imam said.

For his part, the representative of the donors, Caner Nazli, said he was impressed about the peace and stability the people of The Gambia continue to enjoy in the sub-region.

“I am very impressed with the hospitality of the people of The Gambia and our foundation will continue to give support to the people of The Gambia,” he added.

He also said he was impressed about the openness of the national coordinator to the beneficiaries, and the way and manner he conducted the activity.

He urged the people of The Gambia to cherish the peace and stability the country is blessed with.

One of the beneficiaries, Lamin Cham, thanked Master Jabbi for ensuring the gifts were available for the needy.

He said people were appreciative of the donation as it was timely.

He also thanked the donors for the significant gesture, saying it would go a long way in helping the poor and needy to get meat for their family.