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Jammeh assured of ‘landslide’ victory in polls

Nov 22, 2011, 12:45 PM | Article By: Lamin B. Darboe on tour

Thousands of supporters of the ruling Alliance for Patriotic Reorientation and Construction (APRC) continue to assure the party and its leader President Yahya Jammeh, in particular, of a massive victory in the forthcoming presidential election slated for Thursday 24th November 2011.

Speaker after speaker in political rallies held in the West Coast Region, as part of President Jammeh’s campaign for re-election for a fourth term in office, assured President Jammeh of a comfortable victory in the coming polls.

They all expressed their conviction that, come 24th November, President Jammeh will pass the ballot test quite handsomely.

Speaking on Sunday at a rally held in Brikama, Paramount Chief Demba Sanyang commended the Gambian leader for his vision and foresight in the development of the West Coast Region and the country as a whole.

Paramount Chief Demba Sanyang told the rally that the people of the West Coast Region do not only love President Jammeh, but they also believe and have trust in him because of the developments he has brought to Gambians, especially the construction of roads across the country.

Chief Dembo Kelleng Bojang of Kombo Central also assured the Gambian leader of a landslide victory, noting that his track record in developing this country is there for all to see.

According to him, voting for the Gambian leader in the November polls is a sacred duty for all Gambians, citing the construction of schools, roads, hospitals, among others, as a clear testimony of the love President Jammeh has for his people.

“We will vote massively for you, come the 24th November election,” Chief Bojang assured President Jammeh, noting that the people of The Gambia, especially those in the West Coast Region, will ever remain loyal to him and the APRC party.

He called on the people of the West Coast Region, especially the youths, to turn out in their large numbers tovote for President Jammeh, whom he described as the right man for this country.

Also speaking at the rally in Sinchu Alagie, Ajaratou Mariam Saine-Bah, councilor for Banjulinding ward, urged the people of the region, and Gambians in general, not to be baffled by what she called “empty promises” by the opposition.

Malamin Kajorr Manneh, alkalo of Brufut; Salifu Ceesay, alkalo of Sinchu Alagi, Ajaratou Rohey Touray also from Sinchu Alagi, Lang Kullo Jatta youth leader from Brikama all assured the APRC leadership of a “historic” victory in their respective areas.

President Yahya Jammeh, seeking a fourth term of office, in his speech commended his supporters for the assurances, and urged them to turn out in their large numbers to vote during election day.

Jammeh again reminded his supporters of the need to nurture the peace and stability in the country, and ensure a violence-free election, urging them not to wear campaign T-shirts on election day, something he said is against the rules of the Independent Electoral Commission.

He told the meeting that wearing campaign T-shirts can lead to violence and trouble, which he said should be completely avoided by his supporters.

“Democracy has nothing to do with violence, harassment or intimidation and, during election day, just go and cast your vote, and then go home peacefully, and listen to the results on TV or radio, to avoid trouble during the entire election process” he said, adding that anybody found wanting will be dealt with according to the law.

While commending the people of Sinchu Alagie, Brufut and Brikama, especially their youth and women, for their continued support to him and the APRC party, since 1994, Jammeh told thousands of his supporters to avoid any form of violence, harassment or intimidation and maintain the peace during and after the declaration of the election results.

He again reiterated that he is not on a campaign, but was just heeding advice from his mother to go round the country and thank Gambians for giving him the mandate to run the country for the past 17 years.

“I have come to thank you because 17 years is not 17 days or 17 weeks. And for the past 17 years, you the people of West Coast Region have shown your love and clean heart for me by supporting me all along,” he told the rally.

“Today, if you hear people talking about Yahya Jammeh or saying its Yahya who did this and that, apart from the Almighty Allah, it is you the supporters of my party,” Jammeh told a cheering crowd of APRC supporters.

He also pledged to reward the people of the West Coast Region after the presidential election.

“Don’t be in a haste because I have vowed to transform the West Coast Region, and I will do it with the help of the Almighty Allah,” Jammeh assured the people of the region.

Speaking at the Brikama rally, the Minister of Fisheries, Water Resources and National Assembly Matters, who is also the APRC campaign manager, Lamin Kaba Bajo, said they were impressed by the people of West Coast Region since 1994 to date by their unflinching loyalty to President Jammeh and the APRC party.  

Bajo commended the people of the region for the large turnout at the meeting, and the welcome accorded the President and his entourage.

Bajo said Gambians should repay President Jammeh for all the good work he has done for them for the past 17 years, and commended the APRC supporters for assuring him of their loyalty.

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