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DW1 cross-examined in assault case

Sep 17, 2014, 10:13 AM | Article By: Malamin L.M. Conteh

Ida Mbye, accused of attempted murder and assault causing actual bodily harm, was recently cross-examined by the police prosecutor 3533 Jarju, before magistrate Abeke at the Bundung magistrates’ court.

Under cross-examination, the accused person told the court that she had been living with the complainant for many years, and sometimes they have problems.

Ida Mbye told the court that she did not pour hot oil but spilt it, and denied that she attempted to murder the complainant.

“I was in the kitchen and overheard the children calling the attention of their mother that she was coming with a knife. That was the time I also spilt the oil with a spoon,” she said, adding that the only witness present was her five-year-old child.

When it was put to her by the prosecutor that the oil she poured on the complainant was hot, she replied, “may be.”

It was further put to her that as a result of the hot oil poured on the complainant, she sustained injury, and Ida Mbye replied in the affirmative.

She said it was the complainant who attempted to murder her by attacking her with a knife.

It was put to the witness that at the time the complainant was attacking her, she had no knife in her possession, but she replied that the complainant was having a knife.

“I saw the knife when she was attacking me,” she said.

The case continues.