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Introducing Killer Sahks

Feb 28, 2014, 11:57 AM | Article By: Lamin Cham

Top DJ Lamin Cham is noted for few things: flamboyance and exuberance. That vitality, which took him to places, is now being gradually but steadily handed down to one of his brightest protégées, Killer Sahks.

I encountered the young 23-year-old product of the Champions Sounds group and felt a blossoming passion for music and excellence in arts that typifies that famous label in Gambian music industry.

Sarjo Touray, for that his maiden name, loves music since he knew his name and automatically set about nursing a dream to become  a big name in the music industry.

‘’Sukuta where I come from are very proud of Champions Sounds and  DJ Lamin Cham so I knocked at his doors and soon teamed up with his new generation of DJs whom he trained how to mix , arrange and produce the best of sounds from any system,’’ Sahks told me under a dimly lit tree near his home.

Eight years since he took that decision to go into music apprenticeship, Sahks has now marked out an image for himself as a well rounded artist with an independent style consummated with insightful knowledge in modern music.

Sahks’s creative, innovative and industrious nature made him a strong pillar in the Champion Sounds group, frequently graduating into delightful sight at the controls at major events, such as the Nayconf 2012, the Demba Du Festival among many national events covered by Champions Sounds, deputizing for his able boss.

‘’Working under the Champions Sounds, provided me with a rare chance learning the best lessons from the best organization:  the nationwide tours, performances at important national events  and personal  tutelage from Cham himself  have prepared me adequately  for any challenge in the music field and I am now ready to further my career,’’ he said.

Sahks also said he is dreaming to live the legacy of his boss to become the best DJ in The Gambia.

His giving admirers say he is well on course to attain that, giving his brilliance and unrivalled passion and energy.