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'I never killed my cousin'

Feb 22, 2011, 12:35 PM | Article By: Malamin Conteh

Bakary Kanyi, who was alleged to have murdered one Lamin Camara, his cousin brother, has said that he never killed his cousin.

The accused, Bakary Kanyi, a native of Sarakunda was continuing his defence last Thursday at the Special Criminal Court in Banjul before Justice Joseph Ikpala.

"I have never killed my cousin and I have no cousin brother whose name is Lamin Camara," Kanyi told the court.

Asked by his counsel, Mr Uzoma, whether, as alleged, that after killing the deceased he fled to the Republic of Senegal, where he was arrested. The accused in response denied that he fled to Senegal, adding that he was never arrested in Senegal.

He adduced that on a certain day, while he was working at his workshop in Farafenni town, two men approached him, identified themselves as police officers, and asked whether he was Bakary Fofana. He said he told them that he was not Bakary Fofana, but Bakary Kanyi.

"I was later told by the police that I was needed at the Farafenni Police Station," he told the court.

The witness said he told the police that he was currently working, and that whenever he was ready he would report to the police station.

He said the men then left for the station, adding that after completing his work he went personally to the Farafenni Police Station.

DW1 further asserted that, upon arriving at the station, he found many police officers in the station, and he was asked whether he knew his cousin Lamin Camara, who was dead.

"I told the police that I have no cousin whose name is Lamin Camara, and equally have no cousin who has died."

Kanyi added that the officers told him that he was lying, and they started beating him and later put a spoon into the fire and when it was hot they place on his knee, which led to his unconsciousness, and he was subsequently placed in a cell.

He added that scar was still on his foot, stating that he was later taken to Farafenni Magistrates' Court and finally brought to Mile 2 Central Prison.

The case at that juncture was adjourned until 1 March.