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HardCore Production to set base in Gambia

May 9, 2014, 10:00 AM

Ras Askia, a Gambian producer and singer based in Austria, has revealed that plans are under way to set up a Hard Core Production studio in The Gambia.

The Chief Executive Officer of Hard Core Production told Entertainment and lifestyle in a chat recently that he is working on a rhythm called ‘Gone away’ in collaboration with MandingMorry Music academy to be out in August this year.

“We are also working on a mix tape called ‘Hard Core revolution’ to feature myself, T. Smallz, Jah Youth, Retsam,” he said.

“We need a real establishment taking our music to another level. I am not happy with Gambian music; I am just happy with some of the good songs and there is lots of mess up in the industry which need urgent attention for redress.”

Ras Askia, who has produced popular Jamaican singers like Natty King, Fanta Moja, Norisman, Don Sig and Anthony, hopes to inject professionalism in the Gambia music industry.