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GOOD MORNING MR. PRESIDENT: Let’s prevent the coronavirus (covid-19)

Mar 16, 2020, 1:13 PM

Mr. President, it’s very sad that our next door neighbour, Senegal has registered 26 cases so far, with 71 people under quarantine and increasing by the day goes. This is alarming and worrying.

President Macky Sall, over the weekend took necessary measures that should be emulated.

Mr. President, although you have banned government officials and civil servants from travelling outside the country, we shouldn’t also allow diplomats or officials, tourists etc. from other countries especially the affected countries to come to the country for meetings or assembly in all forms till further notice.

 Mr. President, you have to address the nation concerning this epidemic and give necessary advice to the population.

Though we are yet to register a case, it is important that we are on the alert and observe the necessary preventive measures.

 Mr. President, since Saudi Arabia has suspended all international flights and there be will no Umrah and a possibility of cancelling this year’s Hajj, it’s important that the Hajj authorities communicate to those who intended to go on pilgrimage.

The Hajj authorities shouldn’t collect monies from pilgrims till everything is clear to avoid further confusion in the near future.

Mr. President, so far 114 countries have registered the virus, 118,000 people affected, and 4,291 deaths. 26 African countries have registered the virus, 193 cases registered and five have died in the African continent.

Mr. President, last week, you signed different agreements with your colleague Macky Sall in Dakar in the field of defence, security, free movement of peoples and goods and services, trade integration, transport, customs and fisheries and we hope that these agreements will be respected by both countries.

We don’t expect the problem of transportation between the two transport unions to happen again especially with drivers at Karang. Reduction of airfares should be implemented as soonest as this will help great deal looking at the very short distance one flies between the two countries (30 minutes at most).

There should also be very tough measures introduced in the illegal business of wood for dealers from smuggling them.

The two countries should reinforce security to eliminate the trading in illicit drugs, money laundering and fight terrorism.

Finally Mr. President, a national day of prayer should be set for prayers to be offered in all churches and mosques for God to save us from coronavirus.

Health personnel should also sensitise the public through radios, televisions and newspapers on the necessary information about the coronavirus and abandon all public gatherings for the time being.

Good day!