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GFF to expand divisional league format

Nov 2, 2016, 12:09 PM

The Gambia Football Federation will increase League Division One and Two Teams by the beginning of next season according to 2nd Vice President Ebou Faye. The increment is meant to engender competition and increase participation of players for more playing time and increase the player pool.

At his power point presentation during the GFF Club management meeting held at the Friendship Hostel, the GFF 2nd VP outlined that the 2017/18 League season will be increased to 14 teams in the 1st Div. Mr Faye further outlined that the bottom two clubs on 12th and 13th positions will go in a playoff against 3rd and 4th position teams in Div Two.League Div Two will also be increased from 14 to 16 teams. The two top teams at the end of the league will be promoted to the top tear while according to Faye’s power point presentation, 3rd and 4th place teams will go into an elimination round with the 11th and 12th position teams in League One to enter into a play off. He said the format will be 11th VS 4th while 3rd will play 12th in home and away legs.

Mr Faye continued and further outlined that relegated 14 position team will also take part in a play off against the 2nd place team in the 3rd Div Leagues in Banjul, KM and West Coast. Third Division Champions will have a straight path to the League Div two.

The FF Cup will also have a new format in preliminaries for 3rd Div Teams in Banjul, KM and West Coast.

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