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GFF president delivers activity Report 2016

Jan 5, 2017, 12:07 PM

The president of the Gambia Football Federation, Lamin Kabba Bajo, has delivered his comprehensive report 2016 to delegates at the end of the year’s annual general meeting held on Saturday 31 December 2016 at the Friendship Hostel.

Mr Bajo first welcomed delegates to the conclave and immediately gave this report.

He said: “I have the pleasure and honor to welcome you all to the 2016 GFF Annual General Meeting. As you are aware, it is a constitutional requirement for the Executive Committee to organize an AGM to report on the activities of the Federation during the past year to her Members.

“The attached Activity Report shows that a great deal has been accomplished during the year under review, whilst admitting that there is still more to be done as we work hard to take the game to even greater heights in 2017 and beyond.

“Whilst recommitting ourselves to strict adherence to the approved GFF Constitution in the Management of football in the country in line with FIFA, CAF and National Sports Council requirements, we will at all times comply with sound Management and Administrative Procedures in line with best practices with a view to promoting the principle of separation of duties between the Elected Executive Members and the Secretarial Staff.

“During the said period, we have sanctioned and adopted and GFF Staff Regulations and Financial Manual in compliance with the FIFA Performance Program.

“Significant gains were registered in the areas of Technical Development and Capacity Building, especially, in the priority areas like CARM (Coaches, Administrators, Referees and Medics) Initiative, the FIFA Women’s Football Development and Legacy Programs and Activities. This has resulted in massive increment of the number of football technicians and, women and girls participation in football.

“In addition to having organised a very successful League Season in the past year, we have made impressive strides in assisting clubs to improve their management and administrative capacities by conducting two successful CAF Club Licensing seminars within the year.

“This endeavour, whilst making us compliant with CAF requirements in this regard, has provided the club owners/managers with the requisite knowledge and understanding of the regulations to enable them run their clubs more professionally, which will eventually help improve the quality of football at all levels in the country in an open and transparent manner.

”As we all frowned at the disappointing performance of the Senior National Team, the impeccable performance of the U-20 has raised our morale and hopes in our participation in international competitions before such were dashed due to poor officiating by match officials.

“Nonetheless, we are staying on the course of our strategic objective of Rebuilding and Re-branding for the medium and long terms.

“After the departure of the then Senior National Team Head Coach at the later year of 2015, a replacement was hired in earlier this year. The new coach, Mr. Sang John Ndong was hired on our behalf by the government through the National Sports Council on a two-year contract.

“In our bid to bridge the gap between the Urban and Rural areas in terms of football development, the recruitment and appointment of Regional coaches and the provision of means of transportation for them and other support to the Regional FAs and almost complete. This is part of the preparations for the provincial regions to join the national league in a few years’ time as planned. It will also go a long way in helping the National Team Coaches to widen their scope of scouting for talents across the length and breadth of the country.

“Sports Medicine has also occupied a prominent place on our program of activities due to its importance in maintaining a healthy and fit pool of players to enable them maximizes their output and performance.

“The year under review shows significant engagements by the Publicity and Media Unit of the Federation. In addition to bringing the GFF activities/programs to the doorsteps of all stakeholders and the general public, the Unit in our endeavour to promote and popularize our league matches has introduced a new weekly radio program which involves review and preview of league matches with analysis and commentaries by selected competent football technicians. Plans are advanced to secure modern equipment and materials to enable us produce our own materials and products for publication and also to increase the human resource capacity of the unit.

“Infrastructural development being indispensable for football development, the process of securing funds for the further development of the Soma Mini Stadium is at an advanced stage, whilst preparations are also in high gear for the submission of new projects for the development and improvement of other grounds both within the Urban and Rural areas of the country.

“Despite the delay in the operationalization of the erstwhile NTTC, now GFF Football Hotel and Technical Training Center, we have now secured the approval of FIFA for the supply of furniture and equipment by the successful contractors. This project, when it kicks off, will go a long way in complementing our few sources of revenue, thus improving our financial situation, which will greatly impact on the development of the game in the country.

“I am happy to report that we have endeavoured to meet all our international obligations by participating in all FIFA, CAF and WAFU A Statutory meetings and gatherings, where we have effectively contributed to all debates and sessions to make our participation worth the while.

“Finally, whilst thanking you all for the trust, confidence and support, I wish to reassure you of our openness to your continued objective/constructive criticisms, guidance, cooperation and support to enable us meet our collective goals and objectives in the development of the game in the country together.

“I thank you all for your attendance, and I look forward to your full positive participation in the ensuing debates.”