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Stranded Pilgrims Suffer Prolonged Delay

Dec 30, 2008, 6:05 AM

We received with much shock the news that a good number of pilgrims are left stranded in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, where they are on pilgrimage with not enough to take care of themselves, due to flight problems. What an unpleasant condition!

We wonder what were the flight arrangements concerning their (special) journey. Which is the travel agency that provided the travel services?

Already they had enough, having gone through the fatigue of performing the Hajj. It is not otherwise, but rather unfortunate that they have to encounter such a real stress-related experience of agony. We are of the humble opinion that there's the need for government's timely and necessary intervention to bring back home the already exhausted pilgrims.

Families and friends must be going through untold anguish and anxiety about the plight of their stranded beloved ones and are impatiently looking forward to seeing them back home well, safe and sound.

Truth to tell there's also the need for the travel agencies concerned to be making better and concrete arrangements, for the convenience of those who want to embark upon this special religious but tedious undertaking, guided by accepted human rights principles.