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GAMYAA launched its film production

Dec 24, 2010, 2:42 PM

The Gambia Youth Actors Association (GAMYAA) recently launched its film production at the Alliance Franco Gambienne Hall on

Kairaba Avenue

Senior government officials from the Ministry of Tourism and Culture and the Ministry of Youth and Sports attended the official launching.

In her opening speech, Matty Jobe, president of the association, said the association was formed by a group of young people, mostly girls.

The association was launched on the 21 of February 2009 and since its formation and it has grown in size, number and popularity.

Matty Jobe added that the objective of the association is to create awareness, to appreciate the potentials offered by a vibrant movie industry as well as to promote the Gambian culture through theatre.

Madam Jobe explained that when the youth are without jobless they would be violent dissolution and desperate.

She noted that The Gambia Youth Actors Association has though it right to engage the youths of the country into dancing, acting and singing. “These Youths have been trained so hard to see the official launching of this production which is the Return of the African Roots (pain of Africa),” he said.

Mr Momodou Joof, acting permanent secretary at the Ministry of Tourism and Culture who spoke on behalf of the Minister of Tourism and Culture, thanked the group for a job well done, adding that the association is doing everything possible to train its members on film production.

“This association is very committed in terms of performance,” he said. “I have been very interested in film production since I have been working in the cultural area for so long.”

Mr Joof says the film is very interesting in terms of giving both the negative and the positive aspects in the life.

Other speakers on the occasion included Alieu Jammeh, permanent secretary of the Ministry of Youth and Sports.